Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Letter sent

Per your request, my Lord, I have sent the letter threatening the girl's death if he does not comply. I want it to be know that I don't kill though. If you want this girl dead you will have to send another agent. I feel as this mission is no longer fitting my standards of why I have joined the force of your power. My apologies if this upsets you, my Lord.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Request Accomplished

I have the girl per your request. I will await further instruction.

Action requested

Per your requests, my Lord, I have discontinued contact but I feel that your latest request requires clarification. You want me to kidnap the girl, Tina. I feel this is a extreme measure. Is there no other way?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Question of involvment

I felt it important to report that some mysterious person has made contact with Waterson, Tim. The subject is calling himself "Peter". This Peter appears to have knowledge of future events stated in his email contact with Waterson, Tim. Should we take action?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Report Project Waterson

I just wanted to send a report that it appears Waterson, Tim is making no progress in his search for his twin. This is obviously the hope that we can avoid this without conflict.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Surveillance of Waterson Home

4/11/2008- Entered Waterson home at 1300 hours. Used lock reader key for front door. I surveyed the grounds. Within the adoptive parents room there are no signs of the twins which means that in appearance the parents continue to hold their end of the agreement of the Twin pledge of 1988.

Surveyed Sam's room. Messy and difficult to maneuver through without exposing my presence. Picture of the former Chicago Bears team on his wall. Unmade bed. Picture of him and girlfriend, Anderson Tina on desk with computer. Endless stacks of papers and clothes scattered around room. A apple computer was found on the desk under a t-shirt. Files were pulled from his personal computer. Not much was found on files. List of files found.

  • Downloaded Episodes of "Biggest Loser" (TV show promoting body appeal.)
  • Report for History Class, titled "Watergate-scandal or sham"
  • Bikini Photos of girlfriend, Anderson, Tina
  • Homemade movie of fictional dance group, "Instep"
  • 1,000 illegally downloaded songs.
Moved into sister's bedroom, but was compromised when Waterson, Tim came home. Left out window. It should be noted front door was left open when he came home. Doubtful if suspicions aroused.

File report under 44.5.32 "Waterson home 1"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mission "Twin Disaster" received

Mission Twin Disaster received.

Mission Goal: Prevent at all costs Waterson from finding his twin. These two were separated at birth to prevent the world from ending with a collapse of democracy. Twin 2 Waterson is attempting to locate using the "world wide web." If you thought the Bush administration was bad, you have no idea. These twins must never meet! This must be stopped.